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Τρίτη, 31 Ιουλίου 2012

iGO Primo 2.0 - KasteL's Ultimate Edition v3 (Android)

KasteL's Ultimate Edition v3.5 (Android)


1280_720, 1280_800 (ONLY for now)
data.zip (by KasteL)
branding.zip (jgeorg2003 modified by KasteL)
51 POI categories
680+ POI
3D icons
31 proximity alerts (with voice warning)
4 setts* speedwarn icons (by KasteL)
greek translation (by GPSPocketPc)
Gurjon skin (by KasteL)
diMkaWA skin (by KasteL)
Navitech QX Skins Pack** (by KasteL)
satellite imagery maps (raster maps) - not included
TTS Pro (full supported by GPSPocketPc)
animated overspeed warning (by KasteL)
3D compass (xenon)
UX (extensions) modified for Ultimate Edition by KasteL

and more...

* If you want to change speedwarn icon package you must to open "iGO\ui_android\1280_800\Speedwarn Icons Types", select and copy all the files from one of the type folder and paste them into the "iGO\ui_android\1280_800" folder, replacing all the other files if exists.

** Navitech QX Skins Pack includes:
default skin
diMka skin
GjAk skin

Tested devices:
Samsung Galaxy S3
10" Tablet

Tested Android OS:
Jelly Bean 4.3 (working)
Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (working)

Video Preview:


v3.5 (29-3-2014)
1280_720, 1280_800 ONLY

v3.5.1 (15-5-2014)
greek lang (updated)
voices (fixed - thanks to mp3buddy)
"find" shortcut in quick menu (added)
simulate navigation ux for UE (added)
all ux for UE (updated)
all skins (updated)
ThemeChanger (added - thanks to DreamTeam & Lesscro)
toll stations names announcement (added)
speedwarns & pois (updated - 31-3-2014)


KasteL's Ultimate Edition v3.5 (MAIN VERSION)

KasteL's Ultimate Edition v3.5 - 1280x720
KasteL's Ultimate Edition v3.5 - 1280x800 (PATCH)

KasteL's Ultimate Edition v3.5.1 (UPDATE)

KasteL's Ultimate Edition v3.5.1 - 1280x720
KasteL's Ultimate Edition v3.5.1 - 1280x800

Proceed to download page


- Make clean installation.

- Make sure you have a backup of the previous installation and settings) for any failed installation of the new version.

               - Make sure you use the right apk installation file for each OS.

               - Read carefully the instruction (pdf) - included.

               - If you want to use the latest version (3.5) on 1280_800 devices, first you must be download and install the main version and then download and install the patch for 1280_800 (read the instructions - INCLUDED).


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